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I’ve been predicting wellness trends for decades. In 2018, I appeared on American TV show, NY Live with ‘Wellness Predictions’, and featured my 6th book Wellness Loading.

Now, in the thick of our trillion dollar wellness industry and with the wellness revolution in full swing, I’m excited to present the hottest new trends in wellness for 2022.

Celebrities usually dictate what’s going to be the hottest new health, wellness and fitness trends to try. We saw it with Gwenyth Paltrow when she first tried yoga, cupping and now somatic sex therapy with her new show, and then when Kim Kardashian showed the world a vampire facial, but now that we are in the digital age amongst the wellness revolution, we can see new wellness trends emerging before the famous showcase them.

The annual natural products expo in Anaheim – Expo West and Expo East in the U.S, showcase annually, tens of thousands of new products and services every year.

It’s my life’s passion to research and discover the natural health products and services that help us live a better quality of life, naturally. My 8th health title, Connected, a Paradigm Shift in How We View Health explains the difference between allopathy and wellness and how being proactive, not reactive is the key to vitality. Wellness is a trillion dollar industry and there are new supplements coming out daily!



Brain boosters, cognitive enhancers, mood lifters, are all what this type of supplement is designed to do. It’s anything that improves brain health and cognitive function. Think caffeine without the anxiety or come down. A nootropic is nutrition that allows your brain to function the way in which it was designed; optimally! My recommendation for the only ‘whole-brain’ one in Australia that is listed in the ARTG and stacked with 12 nootropics in one dose, is Yootropics Brain nootropics (AUST-L 378134)


Chiropractic care

To remove nervous system interference. People have suffered with headaches and back pain for decades, only to be told by pharma billion dollar spend on drug ads, that it’s normal to get a weekly headache, and you can just take a pill that goes directly to the source of pain. The reality is that it never addresses the cause and only masks the symptoms. It also has to bypass the gut which can create other issues like disrupting to your micro nutrition absorption. Medicare allows five visits per year to every Australian to see a registered chiropractor with an EPC care plan.


Counselling courses

A few years back we saw a boom in people studying nutrition and 2022, it’ll be counselling. Our government is offering courses for unemployed to obtain qualifications in counselling and social work to serve the many who have experienced the last couple of years as traumatic. Service NSW are offering the program under a NSW skills scheme for those interested in a career change and serving our community with growing brain health issues. Even if you don’t have a cognitive issue, seeing a counsellor for overall well-being will boom.

Active wear made from recycled plastic bottles.

We are all wearing activewear so much more and not just to work out! Sustainably made, lift, hold and sculpt compression wear by Clique Fitness is my prediction for one company that will really fly this year.


Stigmas removed around women carrying condoms and an increase in sexual health awareness.

Gone are the days where if they man didn’t have protection on him, would you say, “Oh, let’s chance it, we will be ok!” One company creating cute packed condoms in a tin, just like a three pack of tampons, is Moments Condoms empower women to take charge because in the heat of the moment, it can sometimes be hard to make the right choice. 68% of women say they aren’t completely comfortable buying condoms* and it’s time for that to change. It’s time to use your power and protect it.

Be brave and be proud, your future self will thank you.

Regenerative Farming and foods that are biodynamic

Are the next big thing and it started with the documentary that out in the spotlight, called Kiss the Ground. It’s time to start supporting local farmers markets. People have learned the importance of what it means to “shop small” and how it’s critical to keep small businesses alive and get connected to what’s in season and who in our community is producing locally. Check your local area for farmer’s markets.

Perfume free products

More natural oils and essential oils that are not only alcohol or toxic free but therapeutic. Spraying toxins on our thyroid area can disrupt hormones. Fragrance and perfumes do just that! More of us are aware of removing toxins in personal hygiene products and now perfumes are going to be a thing of the past for wellness nuts. Use Love Health Calm Oil rollers as your alternative that not only is natural with fractionated coconut oil and essential oils, but the lavender terpenes are therapeutic too.

Pine needle tea is going to be the new mushroom tea

It has been recommended by integrative doctors to suggest it may help negate the effects of spike proteins in our bodies since the pandemic. It has been known for thousands of years for its powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory benefits.


Adaptogens & Terpenes

Have been making their mark over the last few years as a new “must have” for wellness junkies but in 2022, we will see more companies including the use of terpenes in their products. One popular terpene for example is the ever popular lavender, or the terpene name is: Linalool, which has been known for its calming benefits. Jomeis Fine Foods are an Australian company that have extended their range of nutritional lattes to a botanical terpenes blend range with natural ways to assist you to feel more well.

‘Free From’ Diets

Ditch the types of food and calorie counting. Wellness went from paleo to keto to GF and counting types of calories and micro-nutrition instead of macro counting. In 2022, it’ll be all about what the food is free from, or free of? For example you will be reading packets that say “free from artificial additives or sweeteners”. Look out for the preservatives (numbers in brackets) on the backs of packaging and make sure you’re avoiding the things that are disguised as food when the ingredients may just be chemicals and fillers.

Andi Lew

Yootropics Brand Ambassador & Best Selling Author.

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