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At the time of writing this blog post, it is the last day of winter today. The irony doesn’t escape me that while I write about the benefits of ice-cold showers, you couldn’t pay me enough to get out of my Harry Potter oodie and jump into one, no matter how good it may be for me. 

Jokes aside, the rumours are true - ice-cold showers are super good for you, offering multiple health benefits like mood elevation, higher energy levels, and a greater ability to focus, among many others! 

Having said that, if you’re like me and the thought of a cold shower horrifies you, perhaps you’d be better suited to Brain, the ultimate universal nootropic that gives you all the benefits of a cold shower without the… well, cold! 

However, if you are a knight in armour, shining or rusted, and are intrigued at the benefits that a simple-sounding cold shower can provide, this post is definitely for you! 


The Top 3 Benefits of an Ice-Cold Shower

 Here are the top 3 benefits of an ice-cold shower. 


Mood Elevation

Ever found that a cold shower actually leaves you feeling stimulated and more “alive”?

A recent study has found that exposure to the cold via an ice bath or a cold shower can actually increase your dopamine levels by up to 250%. Additional studies have suggested that cold exposure can trigger the sympathetic nervous system resulting in an increase in beta-endorphins that promote a feeling of vitality and wellbeing. 

To take advantage of this easy mood-booster, you could either go all in and jump into a shower that is ice cold or take the easier way and begin with a warm shower. Gradually decrease the temperature of the water until it reaches the coldest setting. Stand under the cold water for at least 2-3 minutes to reap your reward. 


Alertness and Cognition 

A cold shower will leave you more alert and with enhanced abilities to focus. While this will not be permanent and it isn’t likely that a cold shower will increase your overall IQ level, it will leave you feeling more energised for a short period of time. 

This is largely because cold exposure often leads to the body getting into “fight or flight” mode, which results in an increased heart rate and rapid deeper breathing. This leads to an increased intake of oxygen and more carbon dioxide leaving our brain due to improved circulation.   


Improved Immunity

Cold showers will also improve your immunity by building up your body’s resistance to common diseases like the flu. It sounds almost counterintuitive, but it is true! Cold exposure increases your metabolic rate, stimulating your body’s immune response and possibly triggering an increase in white blood cells. 


In Conclusion

Ice-cold showers have several benefits, of which only three have been mentioned above. It does require a certain degree of fortitude and willpower to jump into an ice-cold shower, especially if you usually shower in the morning. 

If this sounds a bit daunting to you, check out the nootropics that Yootropics have developed. With these products listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, you know that the ingredients used are top-notch. Start here and choose the nootropic that suits you best! 

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