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While we all have the potential to be creative, there are some days that we find it more difficult to ignite that spark of inspiration. Creativity can be dulled due to a variety of external and internal factors, such as a non-conducive environment for learning, lack of inspiration, or self-doubt. You can re-ignite your creative flare through a variety of ways, like learning something new, exercising or moving the body, or collaborating and brainstorming ideas with others.

Another way to help enhance creativity is to take brain-boosting supplements. At Yootropics, our BRAIN nootropics are the best supplements for creativity, and enhance your cognitive performance. If you want to find out how nootropics can enhance creativity and how BRAIN does so specifically, read on below.

Studies show that nootropics show promise in boosting creativity

There are different kinds of nootropics that deliver various benefits to your brain. Some are effective in improving mental stamina, while others work best when you’re experiencing stress and mild anxiety. Then there are those supplements that help you get over your creative slump. They do so by targeting different areas that affect your capacity to be creative, and address said concerns.

For example, the l-theanine found in green tea helps reduce stress by increasing neurotransmitters in the brain. This helps your brain stress less and opens its capacity to access your creative centres that you wouldn’t be able to do when stressed.

Another nootropic, theobromine, is also helpful in improving your memory recall. By remembering your past experiences, you can process them better and create new and improved ideas that take inspiration from previous images or events you’ve seen.

To summarise, the best nootropic supplements for creativity work not by magically giving you creative skills, but by putting your brain in peak condition to access your innate creativity.

Enhance creativity with specific ingredients

So now that you know how nootropics work, what makes BRAIN by Yootropics the best nootropic supplements for creativity?

To put things simply, BRAIN is a nootropic formulation mixed with different supplements that help improve your brain’s capacity for creativity. Some of the ingredients in BRAIN that help your creativity are BacoMind® (Bacopa monnieri), Rhodiola rosea, and Panax ginseng.

Bacopa monnieri - Helps improve processing visual information and memory, which is a key asset to have when executing big ideas. Rhodiola rosea - Enhances adaptation to stress and mild anxiety, making it easier for your brain to access your creative centres. Panax ginseng - Paired with ginkgo biloba, it provides improvement to your memory and recall.

All the ingredients included in the Yootropics formulas are at proven clinical range doses that have delivered genuine results in independent clinical trials.

Beyond these three, BRAIN has other ingredients that work to enhance creativity and overall brain health. By taking 2 capsules of BRAIN daily in the morning, you can get improved focus and concentration in as quickly as 30 minutes. This helps put your mind in an optimal state to get those creative juices flowing.


Learn more about BRAIN’s benefits and how each ingredient works by reading about the science of our products. And for more information about the best nootropics for creativity, visit our website at Yootropics!


Love your brain,


The Yootropics Team


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