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The Benefits of Pinus Pinaster on Cognition 

The Pinus pinaster carries several health benefits, especially regarding our cognitive health and mental processes, which is why it’s a common ingredient in nootropic blends. But what exactly are its benefits, and why should you consider adding products with Pinus pinaster into your daily routine? Explore more about this natural ingredient below. 

What is Pinus pinaster?

Pinus pinaster, also known as maritime pine bark, is a type of pine tree that typically grows in the Mediterranean and in countries such as France, Morocco, Portugal, and Spain. The extract is taken by grinding the bark and then using hot water to wash and soak it. It’s then processed into a powder for various uses. 

As per Healthline, the core benefits of maritime pine bark extract include: 

  • Anti-inflammatory properties, specifically its potential to reduce inflammation in the body’s airways to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); 
  • Potential to improve heart health, particularly in improving good cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure; 
  • Other possible benefits include improved wound healing, skin health, cognition, and sexual health. 

Maritime pine bark has various nutrients that can help affect your health positively.. These additional nutrients have antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory effects, and studies have also found that the standardised extract of French maritime pine bark called Pycnogenol has various pharmacological properties that benefit numerous aspects of physiological health. 

What are the benefits of Pinus pinaster and maritime pine bark extract on cognition? 

What does pine bark extract do for your brain? Like any other nootropic, it targets your brain’s health in its own way, namely, by improving blood flow through vasodilation.  Research has discovered that Pinus pinaster helps boost your brain health and improve blood circulation because of its positive effect on nitric oxide levels. In terms of our cognitive health, good cerebral circulation is necessary to maintain our brain’s health, as the blood is responsible for the oxygen and nutrients essential for optimal brain function. 

What supplements contain maritime pine bark extract I can use? 

Our BRAIN nootropics are a whole-brain supplement that contains various natural ingredients - including maritime pine bark extract - to improve overall brain health and function. Enhance your capacity for learning, good memory, and optimal brain function by boosting your brain with effective nootropic supplements containing maritime pine bark extract.  Discover the effects of Pinus pinaster and maritime pine bark yourself by integrating our nootropic blend into your daily routine! And for more nootropic products, check out our products and bundles on our website at Yootropics. 

Love your brain, 

The Yootropics™ Team 

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