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Even the best nootropic supplements need to be taken at a specific time, however, there are ways for these nootropics to be incorporated in your daily routine in a way that maximises their benefits when you need them most. Read below to learn about how to integrate these supplements in your everyday life.

How and when to take nootropic supplements

Our recommendation on how to take nootropic supplements is at least once or twice a day. This is so you can take advantage of their benefits in your daily routine, and that there’s enough time for the effects to kick in. Besides this, it’s best to take these nootropic supplements at least an hour or so before starting your day. This is because it usually takes 30 minutes before the benefits kick in. It’s typically not recommended to take the supplements right before going to sleep because you wouldn’t be able to feel or make use of the benefits – unless you’re a night owl, of course. That being said, there are exceptions to this.

For starters, our Yootropics™ CALM supplement is formulated for mood balance, stress, and relaxation. For this reason, we usually recommend taking 2 capsules of this towards the end of the day, preferably in the afternoon. This helps prepare the brain for restorative sleep later that night. Alternatively, you can also take this at the beginning of the day for a calm and relaxed mind.

As for when to take our other nootropic supplements, we recommend taking 2 capsules of our Yootropics™ BRAIN every morning to feel the benefits early. Since this particular nootropic supplement is best when there’s a need to have peak mental performance, two of these before your routine can help prep the mind for what’s in store for the day.

Lastly, to maximise the laser focus benefit of our Yootropics™ FOCUS supplement, we also recommend taking 2 in the morning, or at least an hour before any big undertaking. For example, take 2 before you need to analyse technical data for that sales report, or before you write that research paper. That way, you can have maximum concentration and performance while working, allowing you to finish faster with quality output.

Beginner and advanced nootropic stacks

If you’re starting out on your nootropic journey, try out our beginner nootropic stacks mentioned above. These are good if you need help improving just one aspect of your cognitive health. But if you’re looking to have a more thorough supplement that targets several brain functions, our advanced nootropic stacks can easily be integrated in your daily life as well. We have the Zen Bundle (CALM and BRAIN), the Ninja Bundle (FOCUS and BRAIN), the Yin & Yang Bundle (CALM and FOCUS), and the Mega Bundle for all three stacks. Cover your brain health on all fronts for a more optimized brain. Enjoy benefits to your cognition and mental processing with these formulated nootropic supplements and achieve the best performance, everyday.

Love your brain,

The Yootropics Team

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