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When we age, several processes in our body tend to slow down. Part of this is our cognitive processing. The more we age, the more our thinking, memory, and cognition also decline. There’s also the fact that several brain-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, tend to happen among senior citizens. Even without these, the reality is that in the future, we won’t be as quick to think and process information as we do now.

So where do nootropics come into the picture? We know these drugs are considered brain health supplements and cognitive enhancers, but how exactly do they help in keeping our brains healthy even as we age? Read below.

Brain health and ageing

Ageing affects our brain health in a significant way. In fact, some of the effects of ageing on the brain include decrease in size and decline in episodic memory. These changes affect the way we process things moving forward.

For starters, the decrease in brain mass mainly affects the frontal lobe and hippocampus. Since these two areas are in charge of cognition, the shrinking of brain mass tends to impact us in huge ways. Namely, ageing affects our emotions, learning, and memory. This is why you may notice that your parents or grandparents take longer when recalling memories. It also takes a while to absorb information when you’re teaching them about new technology.

Beyond this, cortical thinning, the shrinking of myelin in white matter, and changing neurotransmitter levels also affect cognitive functions greatly. The neurons in our brain also begin to die, and amyloid-beta, a compound associated with Alzheimer’s, is produced more by the cells. All these point to a more impaired cognitive ability among older adults no matter how healthy they are.

Nootropics as cognitive support supplements

While these signs of ageing are normal and inevitable, there is a way to slow them down so that even as we age, the decline isn’t as drastic. The use of nootropics as brain health supplements for older adults is quite well-documented. They are mainly used for improving memory, consciousness, and learning issues.

Certain nootropics also act as neuroprotective supplements to protect the brain from cognitive decline. For example, natural ingredients such as Bacopa monnieri and Cordyceps are known for their neuroprotective properties, helping prevent damage to the brain and boosting our memory. There is lots of potential for these nootropic drugs in terms of cognitive support, you just have to find supplements with the right blend for brain health improvement.

This is why these two, among other beneficial ingredients, are found in our Brain Daily Nootropic. With a formulation meant to improve learning, brain health, and memory, we consider Brain our best supplement for elderly memory loss. We advise taking 2 capsules of this cognitive support supplement daily in the morning so you can enjoy its benefits throughout the day.

While we can’t prevent eventual cognitive decline as we grow older, we can help lessen its severity so that we’re still relatively functional even in our old age. By stimulating the mind and taking cognitive enhancers such as our Brain health supplement, we can achieve optimal cognition relative to our age and live a life with a clear and sound mind.

Love your brain,

The Yootropics Team

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