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Nootropics: A Comprehensive Guide

In this day and age, the need to improve brain health and cognitive functions has become greater. Especially with the combined factors of COVID-19's brain fog, as well as the general stressfulness of work and life in general, not to mention the rise in burnout, our brains are in need a significant performance boost to now more than ever. For this reason, more people are turning to nootropics and are reaping its benefits. But what exactly are nootropics?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll be breaking down what nootropics are and answer questions such as; if nootropics are safe, are they legal in Australia? Are nootropics addictive, and even random questions such as “Does Elon Musk use nootropics?” Read on below!

Nootropics: What are they?

To start off, let's define what we're talking about exactly. In simple terms, nootropics are combined substances that work to improve brain health and cognitive functions. While famously dubbed as “smart drugs”, in truth, nootropics aren't a one-size-fits-all supplement. Certain nootropics do work to help improve specific functions, for example, Rhodiola rosea is a nootropic meant to help the body cope better with stress, as well as deal with anxiety and depression. On the other hand, Bacopa monnieri may help by increasing chemicals in the brain that contribute to thought processing, and memory. What nootropics actually work towards can vary, but If the right ones are combined into a nootropic stack, multiple cognitive functions can improve.

What are the benefits of nootropics?

Well-blended nootropic stacks (aka formulas) are beneficial in addressing specific concerns. In our case here at Yootropics™, we have delivered three products that target different areas of concern, but all contribute to boosting your brain health:

  • Brain - Designed as a whole-brain supplement that improves learning, energy, memory, and brain health for the long-term.
  • Calm - A tailored nootropic that helps improve adaptability to stress and promotes calmness and relaxation.
  • Focus - A premium tailored nootropic that targets the need for laser-sharp focus and quick brain processing functions needed for work.

    Indeed, nootropics are effective in different ways, and have incredibly practical uses in today's lifestyles. These include dealing with COVID brain fog, providing an alternative to caffeine, and more. Now you may ask, “If I use these nootropics, how long does it take for them to work?” The answer is, it varies. Caffeine, one of the most popular nootropics, is one that kicks in immediately but also has a short-lived effect. In contrast, the improved memory and mental functions that Ginkgo biloba grants can take weeks to take effect. Patience and consistency is key when discovering how effective nootropics are and reaping their benefits, but it's well worth the wait.

    How and when should I take nootropics?

    Our products at Yootropics™ are usually taken in capsule form, with our recommended dosage being two times a day. This means you receive the perfect dose of multiple nootropics daily to optimise your cognitive performance. You may also reduce the intake to one time a day as required or recommended by the doctor.

    Are nootropics safe? And are they addictive?

    In general, nootropics are safe so long as they are listed and certified under the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). This means that the product is backed by research and can legally claim medicinal value. However, some nootropic supplement providers are classifying their products as food (ie nootropic drinks) so they don't have to adhere to either the approved dosage in their ingredients or the production standards.

    Consumers need to be careful when choosing nootropic supplements. Always look for the AUST L or AUST R number on the label to verify that a product has been proven and legally approved. All of our products at Yootropics™ carry the same number and certification. As for nootropics being addictive, some of them, such as caffeine and nicotine, can be. Prescription nootropics can be as well. But at Yootropics™, we use natural supplements that are not addictive and are safe to consume, ensuring our customers get all the benefits without the drawbacks.

    Are nootropics legal in Australia?

    Nootropics are legal to purchase, own, and consume in Australia. But as mentioned above, some producers take advantage of the loophole and label their products as food/drinks instead. Be wary of these and only get ones that are ARTG certified. Some nootropics also need to be entered into the ARTG first before they are imported into the country, so keep a keen eye out for that. Fortunately, all the nootropics we use at Yootropics™ are listed under this governing body.

    Natural vs. synthetic nootropics, which is better?

    Natural and synthetic nootropics both have their own benefits. According to Neuropedia, natural nootropics are more about offering a general range of benefits for your health, while synthetic ones are focused on improving certain cognitive functions. On the other hand, a person's makeup may affect their body's negative response to synthetic nootropics, so the natural ones have the upper hand in that regard. In all instances, it's best to consult your doctor before deciding what type of nootropics to take.

    Does Elon Musk use nootropics?

    While we're not privy to the Tesla and Twitter CEO'S personal life, nootropics are popular among Silicon Valley types like him. So why not try them out if you want to have the same edge that made him so successful?

    Where to buy nootropics in Australia?

    The best nootropics in Australia are available and readily accessible online. At Yootropics™ in particular, we have an online nootropics shop to browse and purchase any of our Brain, Calm, and Focus supplements. You can even pick up some bundles if you feel you need more for that extra brain boost.

    While the guide above has answered several questions about nootropics, consulting a doctor is still the best way to know if these supplements are good for you. As always, one should do their diligent research before diving into these medical supplements. We at Yootropics™ are always happy to answer any of your questions with regards to our products. So if you have any enquiries, feel free to shoot us a message at or on our Instagram!

    Love your brain,

    The Yootropic™s Team

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