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How to Prevent Cognitive Decline: Mental Exercises, Rest, and Supplements for Brain Health

Cognitive decline is what happens when important mental functions - such as memory, learning, processing, and problem-solving - become impaired. This is caused by many factors, including age, lifestyle, and certain illnesses. No matter what, we’ll all be experiencing mental regression in some form as we age, it’s just a matter of learning how to prevent significant cognitive decline as we get older.Knowing what cognitive decline is and how it shows up in symptoms is key to preventing it from significantly impacting your life. Here are some factors you can look at when it comes to maintaining long-term brain health.

Mental stimulation, social interaction, and brain health

You know that feeling where your brain feels like mush when you’re on vacation for too long? This is because of the lack of cognitive stimulation. A study among seniors in their 70s and 80s showed that those who did mentally stimulating activities throughout their lives were found less likely to experience mild cognitive decline. Furthermore, another research discovered the positive effect these activities have in generating new brain cells for future use. Constantly keeping your brain busy can help strengthen your existing functions and prevent it from degrading over time. Some activities you can implement in your routine are reading, writing, solving puzzles, or learning a new language.  Social interaction is also great for mental stimulation. Through group discussions and mentally engaging talks with your friends, family, and acquaintances, you get to engage in conversation while utilising your cognitive skills, meaning they don’t become too rusty. Having people to interact with is also helpful in keeping feelings of stress and loneliness at bay, which are also factors for cognitive decline.

Nutrition and brain health

Food and physical activity both play huge parts in preventing severe impairment. By consuming food that’s good for the heart and blood, you can also help improve your brain health. Some foods to prevent cognitive decline include green leafy vegetables, fish with omega-3, berries, and walnuts. Mediterranean diets are also recommended for better heart health and have a lesser likelihood of inflicting mild cognitive impairment. Exercise is also a great way to maintain brain health. Studies have also discovered the positive effects of physical activity in lessening the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. This is due to the formation of synapses in the brain, which then improves your memory capacity.

 Sleep and brain health

Sleep is important in maintaining energy and physical health. Without getting enough rest, we feel more tired and not at our best to perform our daily tasks. But besides the physical effects, sleep is also important in ensuring your brain’s continued health. Sleep is responsible for the brain pathways that contribute to learning and memory, and it’s also instrumental to how neurons in the brain communicate. Not getting enough rest every night can make it harder for the brain to perform its basic functions, which in turn can lead to your cognitive skills worsening. Make sure you get those Z’s in so your body and brain both feel refreshed and ready for the day.

Supplements for brain health

While improving your lifestyle can benefit your brain health greatly, sometimes your brain requires an extra boost. Discover the best supplements for preventing cognitive decline with Yootropics™ - a must-have addition to your daily routine. Our BRAIN nootropics are the perfect supplements to help fight off cognitive impairment; this formulation is designed to enhance learning, energy, memory, and long-term brain health and function. When it comes to maintaining peak cognitive health, this whole-brain supplement is the one for you. While our brain will experience decline one way or another, we must do our absolute best in minimising these effects. That way, we can still be youthful, sharp, and alert even when we become older. Follow the tips above and take the best supplements for cognitive decline here at Yootropics™; achieve long-term optimal brain health with us!

Love your brain,

The Yootropics™ Team

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