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We all know the ability of nootropics to enhance cognitive performance. In taking them, you can achieve better brain health, mental processing, mood, focus, and more. But did you know that nootropics can also act as a supplement for physical performance? This is because of our brain-muscle connection.

Read more about the science behind nootropics as a performance-enhancing supplement for physical activity below.

What is brain-muscle connection?

Brain-muscle connection (also known as mind-muscle connection) is the process of actively focusing on a specific muscle as you exercise. This means that you are deliberately feeling a specific muscle during the whole duration of the workout. By doing this, it can lead to greater muscle growth.

Research has shown promise in looking away from the mirror when exerting strength exercises to aid the growth of muscles. It’s in this practice that we can better tap into a strong brain-muscle connection for satisfactory results.

How can nootropics help enhance physical performance and your brain-muscle connection?

Now that you’re aware of the mental connection involved in exercise, muscle growth, and bodybuilding, how can nootropics act as an ideal supplement for physical performance?

Nootropics help you focus better

Nootropics are a great way to keep yourself focused and motivated in your fitness journey. For athletes, nootropics are beneficial in particular as they are the ones that need 100% laser focus during training so they can improve their skills and be ready for the next game. Furthermore, as mentioned above, concentration is a must when activating the benefits of brain-muscle connection. Nootropics can indirectly support muscle growth and bodybuilding by optimising your mind when focusing on a particular muscle groups during workouts.

Nootropics help boost energy, endurance, and recovery

Another performance-enhancing property of nootropics is its ability to boost energy and endurance, as well as encourage faster recovery. For example, the nootropic Zynamite®, an ingredient found in our FOCUS nootropic, is known to increase energy, quicken recovery, and reduce damage to the muscles. The better your energy is, the more physical activity you can perform to lose weight and build strength.

Nootropics regulate cortisol levels

Finally, nootropics are for muscle growth and bodybuilding by regulating and reducing the levels of cortisol, also known as stress hormones. Cortisol poses a challenge to those building muscle and losing weight. It triggers stress that can destabilise your metabolism, cause you to overeat, and make muscle development much more difficult. It also lengthens the period in which you recover from injuries. Certain nootropics, such as magnesium glycinate, can help lower the levels of cortisol so that it doesn’t interfere with your bodybuilding journey.

With a more focused and motivated mind, an energised physical body, and a less stressed disposition, you can put in more effort in your brain-muscle connections for a more effective muscle-building routine.

With these properties, nootropics are definitely the best supplements for physical performance. Our FOCUS daily nootropic supplement in particular is formulated with the ingredients mentioned above and more for better focus and energy that keeps you raring to go in your fitness regimen. To learn more about our nootropic stacks, check out the science behind our products as well as the ingredients we use in them. And for more information about nootropics in general, visit our website at Yootropics to get started!

Love your brain,

The Yootropics Team

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