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Your brain is the slowest thing to age. Is that perhaps because it’s protected by the skull? The body recognizes this system as supreme. It’s the most important thing in our body. 

Let’s first understand this vital part of our anatomy. 

The brain is also connected to your spinal cord and nerves that branch off that. This is also protected. It’s the bones of the spine (vertebrae) that are protecting the spinal cord. It’s an entire system that’s all connected. 

Your brain is the master controller of every cell, tissue and organ in your body. It’s through your nervous system that you perceive the world, adapt to stress and coordinate all bodily functions. 

Can taking nootropics really help? Absolutely! That’s why Yootropics Brain is designed to help you slow ageing through optimising brain health and cognitive functionality.

When we previously thought of brain enhancement we used drugs or nervous system stimulants like caffeine. However, coffee and you can take a little break!

When you swap caffeine as a brain booster and mix it up with nootropics instead, you’re enhancing cognitive function without the anxiety or come down. There’s no crash. You’re just working better, the way you’re designed to. 

Yootropics is an Australian company leading the way in the nootropics market to support you with brain health. Many brain health issues on the rise and we are aware of becoming educated in how we need to take care of our brain & nervous system. 

I’m an advocate of chiropractic care because Doctors of Chiropractic are experts in removing nervous system interference to allow clearer communication from brain to body. The scientific and specific chiropractic adjustments restore optimal communication to cells via the pathways of the nervous system. This is where regeneration can start to occur. 

It’s literally clear information to our DNA. But nutrition is also information to our DNA and cells. It’s not merely calories. I’ve always been excited about what’s possible when it comes to slowing ageing. 

At almost 49 years old, I’m excited to enter my fifties with the knowledge on what we can do to assist our bodies to heal, repair and renew through the workings of the nervous system. Our bodies are capable of absolute vitality when we give it the right environment. 

We were taught that the two best diets for slowing ageing were the Mediterranean diet and the Japanese diet. 

Mediterranean diets are rich in olives and olive oil. Good fats from plants are crucial. I wrote about it in my first best seller called, Eat Fat, Be Lean. The nervous system and the hormones (particularly the sex hormones) are made up of fats and cholesterol and so we need to fuel our bodies with these EFA’s / essential fatty acids. Native to the Mediterranean region is the Pinus Pinister Stem Bark, another nootropic ingredient responsible for an increase in cerebral blood flow. 

The Japanese diet has lower levels of protein and  is mostly plant based, with a healthy dose of good fats.  

Plant based diets could mean a deficiency in B12 and B6 which may accelerate brain illness like dementia as well as other diseases. 

Now let's discuss how to boost your memory and concentration, including focus supplements in Australia. That’s why Yootropics Brain has included these crucial B group nootropics as one of the 12 stacked nutrients, in your daily dose. The Yootropics range has been designed by neuroscientists who have worked closely with natural nootropic supplements that offer potent results when it comes to optimising memory and boosting concentration. Our formulas are carefully designed so that all these ingredients work together to deliver powerful results - all our claims are legally recognised in our ARTG listing. For example we combine Pinus Pinaster Stem Bark to stimulate blood flow to the brain, with Sibelius Sage™ to enhance memory and alertness, with BacoMind® which promotes enhanced cognitive performance. Together our formulas activate multiple cognitive pathways, voted the most powerful nootropics for brain function to be release in Australia and listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Dozens of studies have been known to show that exercise and even just walking can prevent our brains from ageing and that’s because there’s better blood flow. 

Again, blood flow to the brain is what we desire for brain health and our team designed this supreme natural ‘smart drug’ to do just that! 

So, do brain cells decrease with age? Yes they do, which is why nootropics supplements have now being recognised as a very important addition by health expert. From the age of 30 onwards your brain will start to shrink, so keeping your brain in top condition from an early age will help prolong this aging process. As your brain starts to shrink it stops developing, meaning cellular health will start to become less effective and your executive functions will most likely start to slow.

This being the case, it's important to get onto brain health early. After-all, a  health brain will impact your mood, your motivation and every other function in your body.

Andi Lew 

Yootropics Brand Ambassador

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