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the first universal nootropic in Australia


We have partnered with world leaders in nutrition, cognitive performance, and formula development to bring you the very best. We are an independent Australian owned company, not part of a large pharmaceutical firm, so we have the ability to strive for excellence without profits and politics getting in the way. We use only the best ingredients sourced globally, all our active ingredients are at clinical range doses (at levels they are proven to work).Every ingredient is backed by independent clinical research, and all our products are listed on the ARTG. We manufacture in Australia under strict GMP guidelines.

Our QEEG studies have proven that our nootropic formulas positively change brain activity within 30 days. That means sharper focus, enhanced memory, improved cognitive stamina, and adaptation to stress.

If you’re serious about brain health and optimal cognitive performance, then Yootropics should be top of your list.

The Blue Horizon

Why is an ARTG listing important?

Through a quality-lead research process, our team has developed a high potency formula that delivers a raft of genuine results by avoiding fillers and unproven ingredients found in other products, allowing you to feel, think and thrive as the best version of yourself.


Ted McGill Yootropics Cofounder

Ted McGill - cofounder

Ted is an excitable entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience across finance, hospitality and digital technology platforms.

Ted had always been obsessed with anything active. A keen surfer, mountain bike rider and skydiver, he has always thrived on putting his body to the test.

Ted has completed obstacle races, ultra kayak marathons, boxing bouts, treks & swims - always with his eye on the next big challenge. His passion for health & fitness has led him down the path of discovery to the world of Human Optimisation.

Now, after almost a decade of research, he has put his passion and his entrepreneurial skills together to co-found Yootropics ™. Ted sees the amazing technological advances in the health industry, and implementing these with cutting-edge new pharmaceuticals is the key to a longer, better life.

Nick Austin Yootropics Cofounder

Nick Austin - cofounder

Nick is a passionate and experienced entrepreneur with a fascination for the innovation taking place in healthcare and wellness. After taking a serious deep dive into the world of nootropics and their potential, the launch of Yootropics ™ was the obvious next step.

Following years of research into nootropics and the design of various 'bundles', it became clear to Nick that nootropics have a huge future in genuinely improving cognitive health, which in turn enhances overall health and wellbeing - after all, our brain essentially controls our interaction with life, from mood and focus through to sleep and managing stress.

Nick brings 25+ years of experience in launching companies and product development to this range of world-class nootropics, investing in only the best ingredients sourced globally and crafting 'bundles' in consultation with experts in cognitive functionality.

Nick loves the active life, is passionate about Human Optimisation, and takes two capsules of Yootropics™ Brain daily. He believes that these 'multi-vitamins' for the brain will go on to improve the lives of millions of Australians.

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