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Scroll through our social media and you’ll instantly notice all the love our clients have given Yootropics. Our nootropic supplements have been gaining immense popularity on the ‘gram and other sites. But what is it that makes Brain and our other nootropic supplements truly ground-breaking in terms of the results they deliver?  Today, we’re going to break down the natural ingredients in our nootropic supplements and how they work to bring you that extra boost of brain power! Let’s jump right in… 

Sibelius Sage™

One of the most unique ingredients in Brain, our premium Australian-made nootropic supplement, is our patented Sibelius Sage™. This is a patented extract from the herb that is scientifically known as Salvia officinalis, a specifically cultivated herb from the Sage family.  What is mind blowing about this natural ingredient is that it has been clinically confirmed to provide incredible cognitive improvement within merely an hour of consumption. It is perhaps, the only botanical ingredient that has been proven by multiple studies to boost brain function to the extent that some experts believe that it could replace coffee in the near future!


Cordyceps are a type of fungi or mushrooms that were first used by East Asian healers as a way to improve memory and attentiveness. With the increase in scientific studies done on this mushroom, various purported benefits of using cordyceps have come to light, including positive effects on immunity, improved learning abilities, as well as a reduction in memory impairment. 

Pinus Pinaster Stem Bark 

While there are multiple species of pine trees, the bark of the Pinus Pinaster, aka, Cluster Pines is especially interesting due to its numerous advantages. The extract from this Mediterranean native tree has multiple applications, prime among them being its use in increasing blood flow (and hence, oxygen supply) to the brain, in addition to improving concentration and focus. Yootropics uses the extract of the Pinus Pinaster in Brain, our popular nootropic supplement that is backed by extensive clinical research.   

Bacopa Monnieri (BacoMind®)

Used for many decades in traditional Ayurveda, a largely plant-based medicine system that originated in India, Bacopa Monnieri is also commonly called Brahmi.  We only use BacoMind®, a highest quality Bacopa Monnieri available, supported by deep scientific research has shown that this patented extract of this herb has the ability to improve brain functioning while alleviating stress and anxiety. BacoMind is also suggested to contain powerful antioxidant compounds, making it a key ingredient to help prevent neurodegenerative disorders. 

Rhodiola Rosea 

A perennial flowering herb that grows in the colder mountains of Europe, especially in parts of Siberia, Rhodiola Rosea is often grown for its root system. The roots of this herb are what is known as an ‘adaptogen’, meaning a herb or mushroom that balances the body and mind by helping manage stress, anxiety, and energy levels.  The roots of the Rhodiola Rosea are particularly helpful in maintaining energy levels while helping boost learning and concentration abilities. It has been found that this herb may also help in counteracting mood disorders.  These herbs and natural ingredients are only some of the multiple botanicals used in our nootropic supplements. With clear labels on all our nootropic supplements, rest assured you know exactly what you are consuming when you buy one of our ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) listed nootropic supplements. Head to this page to see which nootropic supplement suits your needs the best.    

Love your brain,

The Yootropics Team

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