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Now that you’re reading this, I agree that the title of this post does seem a little click-baitey! Please accept my apologies before we dive right into some of the most insane facts about the human brain… 

While there are so many unanswered questions to do with the brain, such as why we sleep or dream, or why some feel more or less pain than others, there is no denying that we know so much more about the human brain as compared to a few years ago…

Fact # 1

A bit of brain tissue the size of a grain of sand contains approximately 100,000 neurons and almost 1 billion neuronal junctions, aka, synapses.

Fact # 2

The brain does not have the ability to feel pain. That is why and how patients may be awake during a few types of brain surgeries.  

Fact # 3

You know how they say that we only use 10% of our brain? That is a myth. We use all of our brain. In fact, your brain is active even while you are asleep. 

Fact # 4

Here’s a deep one… the brain is the only object ever that is able to contemplate its existence. Think about that for a minute, and you’ll realise the irony of what you just did. 

Fact # 5

Sometimes we cry when we are extremely happy, right? That’s because the brain’s hypothalamus or the emotional control centre, can’t differentiate between extreme happiness and extreme sorrow. 

Fact # 6

The more you recall a memory, the stronger it gets. Exercising the neural pathways in your brain creates new connections. Therefore, no matter how old the memory, the more you recall it, the fresher it is. 

Fact # 7

Around 70,000 thoughts cross your mind every day. 

Fact # 8

A human brain can produce enough energy to light up a small bulb. 

Fact # 9

Information can travel through your brain at approximately 431 kilometres per hour!

Fact # 10

The ability of the brain to store information is estimated to be almost unlimited. 

While these facts were fun, it is important to remember that brain health is a serious topic. With the premium range of nootropic supplements from Yootropics, you can rest easy knowing that the patented ingredients used in our formulations deliver overall brain wellness as well as that added dose of brain power you need to smash your goals. Ingredients like Sibelius Sage, Brahmi herb, and Rhodiola Rosea, included in our formulas, have been used for many centuries now to promote the health of the brain.  

Check out our premium range of ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods) listed nootropic supplements that deliver results that are mind-blowing (see what I did there!). 

Love your brain,

The Yootropics Team

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