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When it comes to caffeine it’s considered one of the most popular nootropics consumed on the planet earth, but it’s not without its short-comings which is no real secret. From jitters to 3pm crashes to discoloured teeth.

But we love it…. in fact we can’t get enough.

When it comes to coffee and coffee obsession, Australian specialty coffee culture is in a league of its own. Australia is recognised as the home of the best tasting speciality brews.

Australian coffee comes in smaller sizes, higher prices and a much stronger taste than American coffee, which is generally sugary and milky. Aussies on the other hand keep it simple, to the point, and with punch.

Over 19 million Australians consume coffee, which is approximately 75% of the entire population, which explains why there seems to be a cafe on every street corner. And following this theme a little deeper, about one third of our coffee lovers consume three or more cups per day!

Our coffee culture finds its origin in the influx of Russian refugees in the 1920’s who kicked off the sale of coffee beans for home brews. Now Australians consume a whopping 37 million kilograms of coffee every year, and the trend is on the rise…. along with the price it would seem.

So is there a hack to get more out of your daily caffeine hit? Keep reading and you’ll soon find out (if the title hasn’t given it away…)

But before we jump to the big reveal, let’s look at how caffeine affects the brain.

When I Google this question, this gem of information is presented:

Caffeine is the most widely consumed central-nervous-system stimulant. ... Caffeine increases energy metabolism throughout the brain but decreases at the same time cerebral blood flow, inducing a relative brain hypoperfusion. Caffeine activates noradrenaline neurons and seems to affect the local release of dopamine.

So, what does this mean?

Doses of 100-200 mg, essentially the amount is an espresso, result in increased alertness and wakefulness, faster and clearer flow of thought, increased focus, and better general body coordination. However the benefits are short-lived and typically present jitters and energy crashes, which is why a high percentage of coffee consumers then reach for the second and third hit to extend the high and feeling of heightened alertness and focus. Over-consumption not only leads to deeper crashes but also ‘brain hypoperfusion’ which means inadequate blood flow to the brain. Common symptoms include headaches and nausea, and essentially cognitive exhaustion. This translates into a difficulty to concentrate, focus and multi-task under stressful conditions as the day wears on.

Studies also point to the fact that caffeine consumption can deplete vitamin B. Vitamin B is essential for energy levels, brain health and overall cellular health - which all impact on the aging process. Read more here.

But there is some very good news. There is a simple hack to have you enjoying all the delicious benefits of your morning coffee while at the same time eliminating these associated negatives.

You simply pair your morning coffee with a quality multi-nootropic supplement. Here’s why.

Quality multi-nootropic supplements are actually designed to compliment caffeine and improve the effect. Ingredients such as Rhodiola Rosea have been proven to reduce mental fatigue and promote increased longer-term cognitive performance without the jitters. Panax Ginseng is clinically proven to enhance adaptation to stress, and Pinus Pinanster (Pink Pine Bark extract) acts as an antioxidant and a brain tonic, while also increasing blood flow to the brain. Additionally quality nootropic blends help replace the B-vitamins lost from drinking coffee.

The key here is quality - in regards to the coffee and the nootropics! Avoid nootropics that use caffeine to amplify the impact or do not deliver ‘whole brain’ benefits. If the nootropic supplement has been listed in the ARTG and has multi-pathway benefits you are on the right track - check the label for an AUST-L number.

A quality nootropic will promote improved brain energy, brain cellular health. brain protection, and brain regeneration. Pair this with your morning coffee and you have a clinically proven hack that will supercharge your caffeine hit in a super healthy way.

To your health,

The Yootropics Team

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