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Cognitive Performance Consultations

Yootropics offers exclusive cognitive performance consultations with one of Australia's leading neuro-performance experts, Dr Ryan Morgan.

These sessions are a deep dive into your cognitive needs, providing you with a tailored plan to optimise your brain's performance, enhancing your mood, sleep, and executive functions.

This program, which includes a tailored nootropic supplement plan, is designed to elevate performance within 30 days, and into the future.

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Meet Ryan Morgan

Ryan Morgan is a registered psychologist with post graduate training in non-medication based approaches for addressing conditions for such as sleep disorders, ADHD, stress and burnout, depression, anxiety and peak performance for students, athletes and professionals.

Including his training in psychology, Ryan has further trained in nutritional medicine for mental health (CMHIMP), brain health coaching, evidence based neurotherapies such as neurofeedback, tDCS and rTMS, as well as clinical hypnosis for the prevention and treatment of brain based dysregulation.

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